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Menbur is a family owned enterprise which was established during the 1960’s in Grenada, Spain. Specializing in evening, bridal and party wear shoes and accessories across Europe, Menbur has peaked as a market leader in the evening fashion wear market. Menbur products can be found in 3000+ multi-brand retailers across multiple geographies including some of the most well-reputed and recognizable departmental stores and distributors worldwide. There are currently 71 flagship Menbur stores located in more than 20 countries, namely Spain, Poland, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Iran, Jordan, KSA, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Tunisia along with 3 new markets to be entered in the upcoming year.

Widest Collection of Footwear and Handbags

250 evening and party wear shoe references 

150 bridal wear shoe references

150 special occasion wear shoe references

250 casual and courtside shoe references

Matching handbags that are custom made in correlation with every single shoe design in our vast collection of more than 450 references

Hundreds of custom jewellery pieces and other fashion accessory references

Our Retail Business Model is supported by Five Essential Pillars

• The largest and most beautifully curated collection of evening, party wear, special occasion and bridal catalogue in Europe

• A wide selection of casual footwear with our exclusively designed soft and chic mechanism for unmatched comfort

• Retail stores built to emanate class and an upscale boutique-like feel

• Unparalleled customer support and service at every step of the way

• Direct marketing bridged into our brand positioning

Intimate Boutique-like Retail Experience

Our store interiors are designed specifically to invoke a sense of elegance and sophistication that greatly enhances the customer shopping experience. Menbur stores are a class apart and a shopping destination simply not to be missed. Our staff and retail personnel strive endlessly to provide you with the most delightful customer service with their agilesness and superior product knowledge. Our team is trained specifically to assist customers just as a personal shopper would, providing you individual attention and helping you find the perfect product pieces for your ultimate satisfaction.

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Let's Connect

We would love to hear from you! In case you are looking for franchise partnership opportunities, media enquiry, general feedback, comments or any other information regarding the MENBUR collection, please feel free to reach out to us at:

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Dubai :

Dubai Festival City

Address : SC 083, Ground Level
Mobile : +971 50 185 2841

Dalma Mall

Address : 1FF 104, 1st Level
Mobile : +971 50 184 3250

Dubai Hills

Address : GF, Ground Level
Mobile : +971 50 267 3788