Al Jaroodi

How to take care of your footwear.

If you want to make sure the sustainability of your favorite footwear, make sure you clean & store them right. Here a few ways to get you started:

Consistent dusting: Before putting your shoes back up on the rack, don’t forget to clean brush them.

2. Using the right product: One of the vital roles in shoe care would be picking the right cleaner or brush.

3. A bad heel cap can be a major disappointment while walking which is why replacing a worn off or bad heel cap is very important.

4. Weatherproof spray: Consider this an antibiotic that protects your shoes from weather changes.

5. Fight off the heat: Keep your favorites away from high temperatures or the sun.

6. Try giving your shoes a rotational shift too. It’s best to own at least 2-3 pairs of shoes so you don’t have to wear the same shoes every day.

7. Always air your wet shoes. Avoiding to do so could lead to a stinky pair of shoes or possibly fungal infections.

8. Suede is easier to manage than leather. If you want to rejuvenate the color of your suede you could hover it over some steaming water.

You should clean your shoes monthly or at least bi-monthly. You could consider shoes a lifetime investment which also means you need to take care of it accordingly.
What seems to be a task that could take hours hardly takes a few minutes. Get cleaning!

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