Al Jaroodi

Handbags for hard & fast life.

A handbag is more than just an attachment to your outfit. We use our handbags for a range of different reasons; from our basics to our water bottles and our snacks to cosmetics. Handbags were earlier designed to carry smaller items like knick-knacks or money. Rushing to the present day, we’re seen with bags of all shapes and sizes.


Let’s begin with the most important, your well being.




If you’re confronting arm pain, back or shoulder pain, it could be because of noxious handbag habits. A hard & fast life means getting things done, and that also involves a lot of running around. Put an end to the stress on your body and get through your day with ease.


Softening your load is the healthiest way to end the stress on your shoulders & muscles. A backpack is an ideal choice to relieve the tension since it assigns weight evenly when worn correctly.


The purse is known to be the most minimalist & functional accessories in your closet. Although it could get overwhelming deciding which one to buy.


Here are a few must-haves to get you through the day!


  • The Satchel – This is a well-required go-getter handbag.
  • The Day Clutch – A well-ordered & stylish daytime clutch is a striking option to deal with the urgent errands of the day. It’s right to for in just about everything you need in a rush.
  • A Shoulder Bag – Shoulder bags have a smooth & cosmopolitan look, sometimes even sporty. They are ideal for your daily go-to.

These are the best choices for your fast life! They’re comfortable, spacious, and fashionable.



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