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Become a trendsetter with Fyor’s chic catalogue of stylish, comfortable and in vogue fashion pieces. Crafted carefully keeping the modern woman in mind, we will add just the right dash of sparkle in your wardrobe. With an exceptional array of on-trend styles, Fyor products serve utmost comfort, sophistication and aspiration. Fyor’s timeless appeal collection is now available at our flagship boutiques in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai and more. You can also shop from our website or right from the comfort of your home.


The right footwear can more than make or break your outfit. It can help you feel confident, empowered and unstoppable. Our bespoke footwear range has been awarded 5 stars for both quality and comfort. With expertly engineered pieces that perfectly amalgamate on-trend styles and ease of wear, our footwear collection embodies functional fashion and serves as the stylish companion you deserve. With this in mind, we handcraft each pair to fit every woman’s unique shape, without having to compromise on the style quotient.


A handbag is just another accessory to finish your look. Said no one ever! Designed for the urban woman, our range of handbags portray a confident aesthetic with sleek cuts and striking colours to complete your every ensemble be it casual, formal, ethnic or party wear. Pair a peony pink leather handbag with a charcoal grey suit for instance, and see your outfit quickly transform from drab to fab! With Fyor’s exclusive range of handbags, you will be sure to spruce up any look and exalt panache everywhere you go.


As the sun ascends to its throne in the cerulean expanse, summer unfurls its vibrant canvas of life. The world transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors, as nature’s palette splashes every corner with hues as radiant as the golden rays themselves. Lightweight fabrics dance in the warm breeze, their gentle caress an embrace of comfort and freedom. Each garment seems meticulously designed not only to adorn the body but to amplify the spirit of the season, mirroring the sun’s playful elegance. Summer, with its vivacious shades, ethereal textiles, and stylish ensembles, invites us to partake in its lively symphony, where fashion becomes an expression of the soul’s most exuberant melody.

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Dubai Mall

Address : F228, 1st Level
Mobile : +971 50 180 9821

Dalma Mall

Address: FF 104, 1st Level
Mobile : +971 50 184 3250

Dubai Hills

Address : GF-029, Ground Level
Mobile : +971 50 685 6373

Dubai Festival City

Address : SC 039, Ground Level
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The Galleria (Al Maryah Island)

Address : 11200, 1st Level
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Outlet Mall

Address :G 15, Ground Level
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City Center Al Zahia

Address : A119, 1st Level
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