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How to take care of your footwear.

If you want to make sure the sustainability of your favorite footwear, make sure you clean & store them right. Here a few ways to get you started:


Consistent dusting: Before putting your shoes back up on the rack, don’t forget to clean brush them.


2. Using the right product: One of the vital roles in shoe care would be picking the right cleaner or brush.


3. A bad heel cap can be a major disappointment while walking which is why replacing a worn off or bad heel cap is very important.


4. Weatherproof spray: Consider this an antibiotic that protects your shoes from weather changes.


5. Fight off the heat: Keep your favorites away from high temperatures or the sun.


6. Try giving your shoes a rotational shift too. It’s best to own at least 2-3 pairs of shoes so you don’t have to wear the same shoes every day.


7. Always air your wet shoes. Avoiding to do so could lead to a stinky pair of shoes or possibly fungal infections.


8. Suede is easier to manage than leather. If you want to rejuvenate the color of your suede you could hover it over some steaming water.


You should clean your shoes monthly or at least bi-monthly. You could consider shoes a lifetime investment which also means you need to take care of it accordingly.


What seems to be a task that could take hours hardly takes a few minutes. Get cleaning!

How to Shop Evening Bags

The evening bag is a much-needed part of any occasion that you might plan for at night. It’s also vital that you choose the perfect evening bag, something that accompanies your outfit but remains unique – something that is smart, stylish, and charming.


There are a variety of evening bags you pick from, ranging from purses & clutches to elegant & sleek shoulder bags. An evening bag needs to be practical as well as a fashion accessory. You would want your evening bag to accommodate all you need and be stylish at the same time.


The core for any wardrobe would include a dark & a light-colored evening bag. Nice the basics have been acquired, consider buying an outstanding bag that can serve as an accent piece. You could look out for something with intricate beading work.


The texture of your bag can have a remarkable impact on your overall look. The size & shape are usually on the smaller side when it comes to evening bags, but you still need to attend to its size to make sure it matches your body & outfit.


Curvy women with silky clutches issue an understated allure, while gracefully slim women call for larger bags to loan them an air of drama & dexterity.
Choosing the right bag is pivotal for any woman’s evening wardrobe.

Handbags for hard & fast life.

A handbag is more than just an attachment to your outfit. We use our handbags for a range of different reasons; from our basics to our water bottles and our snacks to cosmetics. Handbags were earlier designed to carry smaller items like knick-knacks or money. Rushing to the present day, we’re seen with bags of all shapes and sizes.


Let’s begin with the most important, your well being.




If you’re confronting arm pain, back or shoulder pain, it could be because of noxious handbag habits. A hard & fast life means getting things done, and that also involves a lot of running around. Put an end to the stress on your body and get through your day with ease.


Softening your load is the healthiest way to end the stress on your shoulders & muscles. A backpack is an ideal choice to relieve the tension since it assigns weight evenly when worn correctly.


The purse is known to be the most minimalist & functional accessories in your closet. Although it could get overwhelming deciding which one to buy.


Here are a few must-haves to get you through the day!


  • The Satchel – This is a well-required go-getter handbag.
  • The Day Clutch – A well-ordered & stylish daytime clutch is a striking option to deal with the urgent errands of the day. It’s right to for in just about everything you need in a rush.
  • A Shoulder Bag – Shoulder bags have a smooth & cosmopolitan look, sometimes even sporty. They are ideal for your daily go-to.

These are the best choices for your fast life! They’re comfortable, spacious, and fashionable.



Season Colors for your Footwear & Handbag Collection

Colors are the most dominant aspect of fashion. The colors below should give you a better understanding of how to pick your colors to compliment your overall look & season.

The best choice here would be going with pastel colors like;

  • Lavender
  • Cream
  • Light gray
  • Spring green
  • Mint green

This season urges a vibrant & rich color selection influenced by the sunshine & beaches that create the summer vibe everyone is looking for.

  • Royal Blue
  • White
  • Turquoise
  • Mandarin orange

It imitates the rain & moisture as it turns the season to a comfortable vibe.

  • Burnt orange
  • Muted mustard yellow
  • Neutral colors (Black, Cream, Different shades of gray)

the most pleasing time of the year where the absence of color is more distinguished. Neutral colors have their way around winter.

  • Cream
  • Black
  • Sapphire blue
  • Dark purple
  • Medium/Dark gray

Here are a few colors you could consider owning that blend with all the 12 months in a year.

  • A light yellow-green
  • Purple
  • Any green
  • An orange-red
  • An intense teal
  • Fuchsia
  • Violet
  • Sky blue
  • A brown
  • Light pink

An Evergreen Collection of Footwear & Handbags

An Evergreen Collection of Footwear & Handbags


It is known for people to judge you within 3 seconds of them looking at your shoes or your watch. You would want to work on your accessories for the impression you have to make considering you have 3 seconds.


Here are 10 classics that won’t run out of style:

  • A Leather Handbag – A handbag would at least make the top 3 of a woman’s accessories.
  • A Pair of Sandals – An ideal pick for a year-round experience.
  • Flip Flops & Mules – These are created to give out a casual aura. These are both types of sandals.
  • A Pair of Sneakers – A well made & fit sneaker is a great investment.
  • Loafers – A comfy & smart choice.
  • A Tote Bag – An empirical companion. You could tag along with a tote anywhere, from work to a beach or even if you’re out shopping.
  • A Vibrant Bag – Something colorful & versatile is great to give your neutral outfits a spotlight.
  • A Pair Of Sling-Back Heels – Make sure these are of a neutral shade it comes in handy since it makes it versatile and always perpetual fashion
  • Ballet Flats – Just slip them on and you’re on your way! They are now streamlined and come with a sporty look too.
  • An Evening Bag – Everyone wants to look neat, dress up, and go out with a stunningly elegant look. An evening bag is a perfect pick since it is a practical and flashy look.

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